Secondary objects

class mwdblib.comment.MWDBComment(api: APIClient, data: MWDBElementData, parent: MWDBObject)[source]

Represents comment for MWDB object

property author

Comment author

property comment

Comment text

delete() → None[source]

Deletes this comment

property id

Comment identifier

property timestamp

Comment timestamp

class mwdblib.share.MWDBShare(api: APIClient, data: MWDBElementData, parent: mwdblib.object.MWDBObject)[source]

Represents share entry in MWDB object

property group

Returns a group name that object is shared with


Group name

property reason

Returns why object was shared

property timestamp

Returns timestamp of share


datetime object with object share timestamp

class mwdblib.share.MWDBShareReason(api: APIClient, share_data: MWDBElementData)[source]

Represents the reason why object was shared with specified group

property what

Returns what was shared

property who

Returns who caused action returned by why property.


User login

property why

Returns why it was shared


One of actions: ‘queried’, ‘shared’, ‘added’, ‘migrated’