Secondary objects

class mwdblib.comment.MWDBComment(api: APIClient, data: MWDBElementData, parent: MWDBObject)[source]

Represents comment for MWDB object

property author: str

Comment author

property comment: str

Comment text

delete() None[source]

Deletes this comment

property id: int

Comment identifier

property timestamp: datetime.datetime

Comment timestamp

class mwdblib.share.MWDBShare(api: APIClient, data: MWDBElementData, parent: mwdblib.object.MWDBObject)[source]

Represents share entry in MWDB object

property group: str

Returns a group name that object is shared with


Group name

property reason: mwdblib.share.MWDBShareReason

Returns why object was shared

property timestamp: datetime.datetime

Returns timestamp of share


datetime object with object share timestamp

class mwdblib.share.MWDBShareReason(api: APIClient, share_data: MWDBElementData)[source]

Represents the reason why object was shared with specified group

property what: mwdblib.object.MWDBObject

Returns what was shared

property who: str

Returns who caused action returned by why property.


User login

property why: str

Returns why it was shared


One of actions: ‘queried’, ‘shared’, ‘added’, ‘migrated’